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Surf the Inner-net: The Events

Have you ever felt stuck or weighed down?

Are your thoughts creating habits that steal your happiness?

You are NOT alone!


There are 1000’s of people around the world that might be feeling the way you are. These feelings are bottles in you, in all shapes and forms. It goes beyond gender or race. This seed started germinating deep within your unconscious mind, growing into limiting self -beliefs and robbing you of a life that you supposed to be living.


This was me 14 years ago. I was at my lowest. I moved from South Africa with my family to a new place, a new culture and away from my friends and family.


When I felt this way,

I lacked motivation as a mother or in my job as a teacher. Reaching my goals just seemed impossible. My self- confidence came crushing down like crumbling walls. Self- love didn't exist because I blamed myself for everything that was going wrong in my life. A life of abundance was just a dream... something that didn't materialise no matter what I did. With every step I took forward, it seems as if I moved ten steps backwards.


So what did I do to change the way I was feeling?


I took the first step in changing myself. I made the best investment by booking myself on personal development courses and immersed myself in reading  books to empower me. The day I began to change, my family changed too!

Let 2020 be your year of transformation....

Get ready to REWIRE & RECONNECT to your inner self so that you can creatye a life of abundance in health, wealth and career. 

I'm excited to announce....my tour of 

Surf your Inner- net: The Event in  Milton Keynes (UK)

Click here for more details & to book your seat.

11th July 2020 @ Holiday Inn, Milton Keynes Central, UK

Early Bird Special £137

Thereafter it is £157

Get ready to explore and discover!

  • Learn practical tools that will transform your mind set

  • Embed new ways of programming your thinking

  • Get rid of old limiting beliefs that are holding you back

  • Dump your emotional baggage from your past so that you travel lighter into your future

  • Get to experience hypnosis and Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Techniques.

Experience a fun filled interactive day unlike no other. By participating in the empowering activities and acquiring unique knowledge, you will be able to rewire and recreate your habits and thought patterns. 

Just Click on the link above to book your seat and find out more about ...

Surf Your Inner-Net: The Event

Every delegate gets a free copy of my book Smiling Freedom

With Love


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