• Well-Being  Coaching/ Therapy 

Personal: Anxiety, stress, phobias, fears, weight problems, can’t get rid of bad habits, learning difficulties

(ADD, ADHD and Dyslexia), addictions, low confidence & self-esteem, physical and mental illnesses and pain… 
Do you want to Just-Simply-Change and discover the success in your life?

  • Group/ Couples Therapy

Designed to teach children or adults techniques and strategies that would help them

blossom by getting rid of: Personal issues
And free the genius within and allow their lives to soar, using their abilities to achieve their highest potential.

-Motivation & Self-Confidence discovery days for both adults & children
-Weight Management Courses
-Couple's therapy 
-Parenting Journeys
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  • Fertility & Pregnancy

Breeze Through Pregnancy? Now with Just-Simply–Change, YOU can...

Being pregnant is one of the most precious gifts. The bond created between the unborn child and the mother is unexplainable. This supposed to be one of the happiest times of your life. Yes...laughter, smiles, relaxation, sleep, contentment and lots of loving feelings. The excitement has just begun…Using RTT, Hypnotherapy & NLP!

IVF, Conception, pregnancy and childbirth can be pain-free as possible. Why do you need to have undue stress... when you could learn how to cope with the joys of becoming a parent? RTT, NLP & Hypnotherapy can build your confidence and potential enabling you to relax and enjoy your pregnancy and labour.  It also looks at various models, which gives us techniques to quickly change our thoughts, behaviours and beliefs.

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